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Need an adviser to review and transact your Occupational Pension Transfer? We offer this service with all of the relevant qualifications.

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How much cash would your family need to maintain their current lifestyle if you die prematurely?

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Are you making the best use of any spare capital or surplus income?

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Our People

Our people are very important to us, as is making certain we provide you with the best possible professional financial advice. Below is a short biography for each of our colleagues together with their contact telephone number. For further contact details please see our "Contact Us" page.

Paul Bird Chartered Financial Planner
Paul Bird Chartered Financial Planner, IFA/Director
Tel. 01453 755231
Paul has been providing financial advice for over 25 years and is pleased to have achieved Chartered status. He specialises in all aspects of pension and retirement planning which includes the licence to advise on Occupational Scheme transfers. Paul also has good experience with VCT's and EIS schemes for those individuals who require a wider tax planning option.
Hazel Richards APFS, ACII
Hazel Richards APFS, ACII, Chartered Financial Planner
Tel. 01285 644855
Mobile. 07970 709386
As a Chartered Financial Planner within a well-established and specialist firm of Chartered Independent Financial Advisers, Hazel provides advice in the key areas of planning for retirement as well as living in retirement, investments and a host of traditional financial planning solutions for personal and business protection needs.

She is passionate about ensuring her clients make the best of their life choices and supporting them through to achieve their goals.

Hazel is a long serving officer of our professional body, The Personal Finance Society and is currently the chair for the Bristol & Cheltenham Region.
Hazel Higgens
Hazel Higgens, Administrator
Tel. 01285 644855
Hazel has been an administrator within Grosvenor for over 9 years now. She has built up her experience at dealing with all aspects of the day to day demands within a financial services office and balances these with looking after her children!
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